We match investors with fundraisers.

Your End-to-End
Equity Investing Platform

Through Round One, we facilitate onboarding of businesses looking to raise funds, to the matching of investors and fundraiser, payment and payout process, and the ongoing investor relations activities that can all be done through our platform.

We provide an avenue for the public to own shares of a private company, to foster the business community, and to grow the ecosystem.

with ease

Increase the depth and breadth of our financial markets

Raise up to
₱50m per year

Access an over-the-counter mechanism for a more convenient way to realize value.

Connect with other

Enjoy a streamlined fundraising process to nurture enterprise competitiveness

Expert guidance
& support

Review updated information anytime, anywhere

Raise up to P50,000,000 a year.

An investment marketplace
for startups and SMEs

We aspire to guide Filipinos to innovate and to invest
in each other by providing them with the tools,
community, and digital ecosystem that enable them to
build better business.