Can I contact fundraisers/will a fundraiser contact me directly about my investment?



11:18 AM on October 10, 2022

You may contact fundraisers directly with queries regarding your decision to investment, via the fundraiser's Discussion section of their public Profile if they have an active campaign. Otherwise, commitments, fund transfers, deposits and withdrawals must be coursed through your personalized investor account.


In line with our mission to provide a safe investment ecosystem for crowdinvesting, you are required to course your investment commitments through your own dashboard. We strongly suggest that you first course any queries or complaints through, or


We are unable to provide sufficient oversight over transactions that you choose to make outside of the platform. Depositing funds directly to a fundraiser's designated bank account in connection with a live campaign may be a violation of our Terms and Conditions and relevant securities regulations.

For all other concerns about funds handling, contact us via email, or the inbox feature of your account's dashboard.



Under no circumstances will a Round One representative personally and directly solicit, undertake to solicit, or accept or undertake to accept funds in connection with any campaign on the Round One platform in their name, of, or on behalf of any platform user. To duly ensure this, all deposits for Round One-related activity shall be made in favor of Eastern Securities Development Corporation—Round One's responsible and official, licensed intermediary—with any of its corporate bank accounts indicated on this website. Instructions for processing payments and functions related to making investment commitments are contained within every user's Dashboard. You mean read more about portfolio fund deposit instructions via our FAQ section on Payments.

Queries related to funds and fund transfers, refunds, deposits, and withdrawals may be made directly to: or