Can I extend the duration or deadline of my campaign?



10:56 AM on October 10, 2022

Should you need to extend your campaign deadline for whatever reason, you may. 


However, we strongly recommend you reconsider your investor relations and promotional strategy before deciding to do so, as you may only apply for a campaign extension once.

On the other hand, you may launch as many campaigns as you wish in any given annual period, provided that the aggregated sum of all the campaigns is no more than Php 50 million. 


Here is the process to extend your live campaign deadline:

  • 1. Contact our team about your decision via
  • 2. Draft the details of your new deadline for posting on your profile's Update Section. This will be disseminated to platform users or committed investors for their information. 
  • 3. Submit your duly completed SEC Form CF-U to us, and amend your SEC Form CF-O through your dashboard to indicate a new deadline.
  • 4. Await approval from our team for your request.


Remember: when you change an offering deadline, your committed investors will need to reconfirm their original commitments.