Can I still change campaign details after it’s live?



10:58 AM on October 10, 2022

Yes, you can.


But be advised, some amendments to your Campaign or Company details may be considered major or material changes that will likely impact the value proposition of an offering. 

Imagine booking a business class plane ticket, only to be bumped down to economy on the day of your flight. You would be quite unhappy! 💺😡


As such, we strongly recommend against making material changes to a live campaign, especially one where investment commitments have already been made. However, there are times when a material change is absolutely necessary, such as reflecting a major business event that has impacted your company. In this case, you will be required to post this event to your Update section. 

So if you do have plans to change your campaign’s details once it’s gone live, make sure to carefully craft a reasonable justification for your committed investors.


Follow these steps for Live Campaign Offering Updates:

  • 1. 📨 Contact our team about your decision via
  • 2. 📝 Draft the details of your campaign changes for posting on your Profile's Update and/or Discussion section. This will be disseminated to platform users or committed investors for their information. 
  • 3. 🗃 Submit your duly completed SEC Form CF-U to us, and amend your SEC Form CF-O through your dashboard to indicate the changes.
  • 4. ✅ Await approval from our team for your request.


Remember: when you change an offering deadline, your committed investors will need to reconfirm their original commitments.