Why should I fundraise on Round One?



10:47 AM on October 10, 2022

Round One is the first equity crowdfunding platform licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines.

As a local trailblazer in the field, we've taken great measures to ensure that the fundraising journey for fundraisers on the platform is a complete end-to-end experience.

Financial Industry Game-changers ⛳

The SEC has developed specific rules to allow Round One to provide a safe space for you and potential investors to match up and to reach your fundraising goals. Crowdfunding opens up the possibility of equity fundraising for startups and SMEs through regulated intermediaries that are accountable to the government, the industry, and you.

  • Round One has been licensed to register fundraisers, which exempts you from having to do the same with the SEC
  • Registering your fundraising campaign through a licensed crowdfunding intermediary such as Round One exempts you from prohibitions on public investment solicitation.
  • You're also exempted from the 19-Investor Rule, which prohibits you from taking on more than nineteen new investors every year. Without this restriction, an unlimited investor audience could help you raise funds much faster.

Save yourself from having to do dozens of private pitches, get on any public stage and start pitching when you've registered your company with us. List your venture, launch a fundraising campaign, and get noticed by investors from anywhere in the country or even abroad.

Just make sure all investment activity occurs through the platform.

Our Experience 📖

The platform is owned and operated as a business unit by Eastern Securities Development Corporation (ESDC), a duly licensed securities brokerage. As one of the oldest firms in the country, we have been providing financial services for thousands of our investor customers and raising investment funds for Philippine-listed companies since 1977.

In addition to our crowdfunding intermediary services, we provide:

  • General advice on setting up a Fundraising Campaign
  • Investor Relations Interface
  • Nominee Services

The User Journey 🚴

Ensuring your success as a fundraiser depends a lot on making the investor's experience secure and engaging.

We make the investment commitment and cancellation process easy and transparent. To keep money safe, funds committed and raised through the platform are held in custody with our partner banking institutions until the completion of a campaign. We conduct a basic due diligence on all our fundraisers and investors, as your protection and best interests are always our top priority.

We also undergo comprehensive, annual SEC audits in order to maintain our licenses to operate. This permits us, among other things, to accept and handle customer funds.


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