How do I raise funds through the platform?



05:06 PM on October 11, 2022

Round One is a crowdfunding investments platform that allows platform-registered fundraisers an opportunity to publish and pitch investment materials to potential investors in the form of online fundraising campaigns. Fundraisers can raise up to Php 50,000,000.00 annually through the platform.

A campaign will last for a set period time and if enough investors pledge funds to hit the fundraiser's full target, then Round One handles the transfer of funds and records of ownership for fundraisers and investors, respectively. When investors purchase a fundraiser's securities, they are then entitled to the rights and benefits of those securities. Securities can come in the of equity, (company shares, for example), debt or sometimes both. 

The Fundraiser's Nut Shell Process 🥜

  • 1. The Fundraiser registers their company or venture with Round One.
  • 2. The Fundraiser prepares Campaign materials, an 'investor presentation' and registers a Campaign.
  • 3. The Campaign launches and the Fundraiser publishes all investor presentation materials to their publicly-viewable Profile
  • 4. Round One-registered investors start making investment pledges/commitments to the Campaign
  • 5. The Campaign hits its target and the deadline elapses.
  • 6. Round One gives the Fundraiser their funds and records ownership of the corresponding investors.


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