Can I promote my campaign on social media and elsewhere?



10:58 AM on October 10, 2022

That's the beauty of crowdfunding! You're allowed to promote your company and fundraising campaign virtually anywhere, provided that you 👎 do not include details of your offering such as amount, price and type of your offering security or your campaign deadline and you 👍 do direct potential investors to commit their funds through your campaign page on Round One via a link back to your live, registered campaign page.


Related article: Campaign Do's and Don'ts for more detailed information. 

It is important to read, understand and occasionally review our Terms and Conditions and Issuer Agreement found on our website and through your dashboard. Not following certain restrictions on promotions could be a violation of our agreements, securities regulations and hampers our ability to ensure that investment and campaign funds are managed properly.



Under no circumstances will a Round One representative personally and directly solicit, undertake to solicit, or accept or undertake to accept funds in connection with any campaign on the Round One platform in their name, of, or on behalf of any platform user. To duly ensure this, all deposits for Round One-related activity shall be made in favor of Eastern Securities Development Corporation—Round One's responsible and official, licensed intermediary—with any of its corporate bank accounts indicated on this website.

Instructions for processing payments and functions related to making investment commitments are contained within every user's Dashboard.

Queries related to funds and fund transfers, refunds, deposits, and withdrawals may be made directly to: or