What happens after a campaign ends?



09:11 PM on October 10, 2022

When a campaign successfully concludes (meets its 100% fundraising target on or 48 hours before the indicated campaign deadline), our goal is to eventually release your investment funds for the fundraiser.


Before that a few things happen:

Whether there is an oversubscription policy or not we work with the fundraiser to finalize all of the security-ownership allocations (to you and other investors) based on your specific investment commitments. After that, we ensure that the fundraiser completes or undertakes to complete all (legal and administrative) documents and activities related to the 'closing' of the investment or the transfer of ownership you, the investor.

One of the most important documents to recieve from your fundraiser is the share purchase or subscription agreement form, which is a document that details the terms of the investment, signed by the fundraiser's authorized signatories, acknowledging your investment into their company.

When the fundraiser is finished, you recieve a notification in your inbox, related to the purchase of these securities. The amount of such investment securities will then appear in your Portfolio for your records.