When and what kind of updates can I get from a fundraiser after a successful campaign?



11:19 AM on October 10, 2022

After a campaign concludes, portions of the fundraiser's profile (Company Details, Updates, Discussion and Documents section) go private, accessible only to committed investors, like you, who have purchased the fundraiser's securities.


You and the fundraiser can keep using these features (Discussion and Updates sections) to stay current with fundraiser's news and updateds, disseminate important notices and generally stay in touch.

Also note that you may have rights accorded to you by the Corporation Code of the Philippines that allow you to attend annual stockholder meetings and access financial statements or key financial data of the companies you invest with.

Here's a reminder about updates an issuer/fundraiser is required to submit:

  • 📢 Annual Report obligations, to be submitted within 105 days from the closing of the fundraiser's fiscal year. (SEC Form CF)
  • 📢 Major business events that affect the venture, company and investment offering as they occur during a fundraiser's campaign. (SEC Form CF-U/A)