How are investment funds handled by Round One?



10:38 AM on October 10, 2022

Round One's goal is to provide a safe and transparent platform for fundraising and investing.

Just like any company that accepts and handles customer funds, we take measures to ensure customer balances and transactions are properly accounted for, reconciled, and recorded.

Issuers (Fundraisers)

When investors commit funds to your live campaign, Round One aggregates these funds into a special sub-account for the duration of the campaign. This allows us to accurately and efficiently manage campaign refunds and additional commitments.

You may track all of your investment commitments or cancellations through your account Dashboard, a personalized fundraiser's account where you can manage all of your platform activity. These funds remain with our partner banks until the campaign concludes and you accomplish various closing procedures—at which point, we release these funds, less any fees and other charges. 

Round One is prohibited from making campaign fund disbursements to any individual or third party. Payments made by Round One will be made in favor of the name of the Round One registered-issuer's beneficiary corporate bank account.



After opening and verifying your Round One crowdfunding account, you may deposit funds into any of our corporate accounts held at our partner banking institutions. Your deposited funds will then appear as a credit to your account's portfolio balance after submission of the "Add Balance" form.

When you make an investment commitment to an issuer's campaign, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your current portfolio balance while that commitment is active. When you cancel a commitment, the corresponding amount will be refunded or credited back to your portfolio balance amount.

Should you wish to withdraw your funds from your portfolio, simply create a "Withdraw Balance" request on your Account Dashboard. 

Round One is prohibited from making withdrawal payments to any third party. Payments made by Round One will be made in favor of the name of the registered beneficial owner named on their platform account



Under no circumstances will a Round One representative personally and directly solicit, undertake to solicit, or accept or undertake to accept funds in connection with any campaign on the Round One platform in their name, of, or on behalf of any platform user. To duly ensure this, all deposits for Round One-related activity shall be made in favor of Eastern Securities Development Corporation—Round One's responsible and official, licensed intermediary—with any of its corporate bank accounts indicated on this website.

Instructions for processing payments and functions related to making investment commitments are contained within every user's Dashboard. You mean read more about portfolio fund deposit instructions via our FAQ section on Payments.

Queries related to funds and fund transfers, refunds, deposits, and withdrawals may be made directly to: or