How soon after a campaign ends can I launch another one?



11:01 AM on October 10, 2022

Aside from the fact you can't have overlapping, simultaneous campaigns on the same platform*, upon receipt of your previous campaigns funds, you're more than welcome to start preparing for a new campaign right away!


Please bear in mind the following when launching a new campaign, after your first:

  • The application fee for new campaigns and the need to go through our application approval process.
  • 💬 Update your public Profile, provide new business Update posts and offering materials
  • 🧭 Specific planned Use of Proceeds for new campaign funds.


* You may conduct a campaign on the Round One crowdfunding platform while also conducting a simultaneous campaign on any other Philippine-based crowdfunding platform- provided that you do not breach your fundraising limit of Php 50 million per annual period.

* Crowdfunding overseas and abroad does not contribute to your Round One annual fundraising limits.