Can I invest with Round One if I am a non-Philippine national?



11:08 AM on October 10, 2022


Foreign citizens may invest in any of our fundraisers upon registration of their Round One account. As a foreign investor, you must seek legal advice on whether or not your country of citizenship restricts you from investment in Philippine-registered entities. It is always recommended that professional advice be sought in regards to your country’s specific investment regulations and restrictions.


  • ⛔ Also be advised that we are unable to accept foreign account openings from individuals or entities that appear on the United Nations Security Council Consolidated List, and all other lists prescribed by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines.


  • ⛔ In addition, under Philippine laws and regulations, there are some foreign investment limitations depending on industry and category. While fundraisers are more than welcome to inform you of these restrictions, it is also always recommended that foreign investors observe due diligence and also ascertain for themselves the regulatory restrictions that specifically apply to them and to each situation.


⚠ Round One is unable to advise on taxes, other requirements and securities laws that may specifically apply to your country of nationality.