What is an oversubscription and how does it work?



11:16 AM on October 10, 2022

Oversubscriptions are a campaign mechanic that allows fundraisers to accept investment commitments beyond their fundraising target.

For example, a fundraise can be "twice" (x2) or "three-times" (x3) oversusbcribed, depending on the total amount of investor interest. Put in another way, this means a campaign has recieved 200% or 300% of its fundraising target in the form of investor commitments, respectively.


Before making an investment commitment towards a fundraise with an oversubscription mechanic, you will need to review and understand the fundraiser's policy on how they will allocate securities in the event of an oversubscription. Fundraisers that accepts funds beyond their stated target, will indicate the intended use of proceeds for those additional funds.


For a more information on oversubscription allocation policies, check out our Learn Page article on this topic.