Why should I invest with Round One?



11:06 AM on October 10, 2022

There are plenty of reason to invest with Round One all of which should be considered in relation to your investment goals and risk appetite.


Support local ventures and SMEs 🤝

To fulfill our mission of helping Filipinos invest in each other, we've developed our platform to enable potential investors from all over the country to discover and participate in the growth of 


Support socially impactful ventures that are meaningful to you 🦸❤

Investment decisions are not always just about financial returns- investment decisions also take into consideration the impact a venture can have on the economy, an industry, the environment and even society as a whole. Consider how supporting a venture may positively shape the world or the community you live in. Many crowdfunding platforms have enabled investors to directly support and participate in community-level economies like farming and manufacturing cooperatives.


Be an early stage investor in something unique and exciting 🚀 

Many successful companies with groundbreaking ideas have had humble beginnings- but through a combination of hard work, (plenty of investor support!) and diligent management, they made it big. If you think you have an eye for potential or if you've zeroed in on a venture that may change the way the world does things, then crowdfunding may give you an oppportunity to be an early stage investor



Crowdfunded investments are alternative investments and are thus generally considered high risk and speculative in nature. You are likely not to recieve dividends or regular income from such investments. There is a substantial chance that you may lose the entirety of your investment.

Fundraiser and campaigns listed or eligible for listing on the Round One platform are not endorsements by Round One regarding investability and may not be construed as financial advice. We caution you to speak to your financial advisor on how to best allocate your portfolio based on your needs and objectives.

For additional information, check out our Risk Warnings.