What fees do I have to pay?



10:52 AM on October 10, 2022

We charge a commitment fee of Php 25,000 in total throughout the first onboarding process, as consideration for the reviews and guidance that the Onboarding Team will conduct and provide.

Payment is divided into two tranches: Php 5,000 must be paid during the pre-feasibility study, while the remaining Php 20,000 must be paid before the final pitch and subsequent launch of a campaign.

For succeeding campaigns, a Php 10,000 commitment fee will be charged.

Once a campaign is fulfilled, a success fee of 7.5% is deducted upon the disbursement of proceeds. See the sample computation below.


⭐ Sample Computation of an Issuer raising Php 1,000,000.00 through the platform:

  • Success Fee : Php 75,000.00
    VAT : Php 9,000.00
    WH Tax* : (Php 11,250.00)
    ------------------------------- -------------------------------
    Net Funds to Issuer : Php 927,250.00

*BIR Form 2307 for certification of withholding taxes remittance to the BIR


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