What updates will investors expect me to give?



11:03 AM on October 10, 2022

As responsible founders, business owners and managers you are accountable to your partners and shareholders. Consider providing timely updates about your business through the platform's investor relations functions (Discussion and Updates section), accessible by registered investor users that have purchased securities you have offered.


Also note that some investors may have rights accorded to them by the Corporation Code of the Philippines that allow them to attend annual stockholder meetings and access your financial statements.


Just in case, here's another reminder about updates an issuer/fundraiser is required to submit:

  • 📢 Annual Report obligations, to be submitted within 105 days from the closing of your company's fiscal year. (SEC Form CF)
  • 📢 Major business events that affect your venture, company and investment offering as they occur during your campaign. (SEC Form CF-U/A)