What is the full onboarding process like?



12:28 PM on October 17, 2022

​From sign-up to verification, here's a step-by-step guide on how to get investing in exciting campaigns.


Step. 1 Sign up for an Investor's Account.

Unless you're a corporation or in charge of a fund you'll want to sign up for an "Individual Investor" account. It is important that you register with us a valid email that only you can access.


Step. 2 Complete your Profile Information

  • Please enter in full personal and financial data to allow us to begin the preliminary steps in opening your investor's account.
  • All fields are required except for your Bank Details.


Step. 3 Upload Documentary Requirements

Please upload any valid (current), government issued identification as well as a selfie pic for the purposes of verifying your identity.

It is also a requirement to upload your Annual Income Tax Return or equivalent document if you are a foreign citizen or file your tax returns in a foreign jurisdiction. It is important that we are able to determine your annual income in order to set investor limits and safeguards for you.

If you are unsure as to whether you can use a certain equivalent document, simply upload it to the platform and we can provide feedback for you- or message us directly at info@roundone.ph to inquire.

To know more about certifying yourself as a Qualified Investor, please visit our Learn page article.


Step. 4 Read, Review, and Accomplish your Legal Agreements

You'll find the prerequisite legal agreements in the following sections:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Statement
  • Investment Agreement
  • Crowdfunding Cash Account Agreement


Step. 5 Fund Your Account

Please refer to our Investor's FAQ section on Payments and our FAQ on how to fund your portfolio, to know more.


Happy Investing!