How do I invest on Round One?



11:08 AM on October 10, 2022

Round One is a crowdfunding investments platform that allows platform-registered fundraisers an opportunity to publish and pitch investment materials to potential investors in the form of online fundraising campaigns. 

When an investor wants to invest in a campaign, they make an investment commitment- a type of pledge or reservation indicating interest in helping fund the fundraiser's target. Investors do this through their registered investment accounts on the platform. Investors can change, cancel or top-up their commitments any time, up to 48 hours before a campaign closes. After 48 hours, commitments are locked in to become final purchases of the fundraiser's offered securities.

A campaign will last for a set period time and if enough investors pledge funds to hit the fundraiser's full target, then Round One handles the transfer of funds and records of ownership for fundraisers and investors, respectively. When investors purchase fundraiser securities, they are then entitled to the rights and benefits of those securities. Securities can come in the of equity, (company shares, for example), debt or sometimes both. 


The Investor's Nut Shell Process 🥜

  • 1. The Investor registers or has registered a verified, personalized Investor-account with with Round One.
  • 2. The Investor funds their Investor account via our platform payment instructions
  • 3. The Investor reviews the Fundraiser's investor presentation, company details and offering and thinks it's neat.
  • 4. The Investor makes an investment commitment to the fundraiser's campaign by clicking on the Fundraiser's page Invest button and entering in their commitment amount.
  • 5. The Campaign hits its target and the deadline elapses.
  • 6. Round One gives the Fundraiser their fund and records ownership of the corresponding investors.


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