How does it work?

Plan your fundraising strategy and account for your pre-campaign, during campaign, and post-campaign activities.

  • Put yourself on potential investors’ radars by creating a comprehensive yet compelling campaign. Upload your video pitch and share your campaign on your social media channels.

  • Get the funds you raise once your campaign concludes. Have the peace of mind that it's secure and safekept in escrow by Round One's partner financial institutions until then.

  • Make good use of the funds entrusted to you and take your business to new heights. Don't forget your responsibilities to your investors, and keep them in the loop as to how you spend those funds."

The Campaign Process

  • 1

    Fill up your Company’s Profile, upload documentary requirements, and authorize us to open your issuer's account.

    Unlock features that enable you to launch live offerings on our platform.

  • Before you fundraise, think about the following:

    - What's my funding target?
    - How much equity will I offer?
    - How long will I set the offer period?
    - Will you allow oversubscriptions?

    Work with us on developing your campaign offering strategy and materials


  • 3

    When you're all set, launch your campaign and start pitching, promoting, and interacting with potential investors.

  • Regularly participate in your campaign’s discussion threads and track the progress of your funding target.


  • 5

    100% funded or oversubscribed campaigns can close out their offering upon the conclusion of their deadlines.

    Complete closing documentation, issue stock certificates, and receive your campaign funds. Most importantly, maintain good investor relations by keeping your committed investors up-to-date on your company’s progress.

Investing in your Success

Our experienced team is here to support you throughout your journey: from creating your campaign to promoting and documenting it. Your dedicated investment associate will guide you through the process and provide you with the right tools for a successful campaign.